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What is

A new digital asset service for virtual humans and IP Features

You can experience a new paradigm of fandom by making virtual value growth in your favorite virtual humans
Virtual humans who have joined are called Alts, and each Alt contributes to forming
You can purchase DNA that reflects the value of an Alt, and the price of DNA fluctuates in real-time based on a specific algorithm utilizes virtual points called 'KEY' Key Functions

Home: You can see the popularity, value, and trading volume rankings of all alts that have joined the service at a glance
Town: You can view the current DNA value and total DNA trading volume of all Alts
Information: You can check the overall user leaderboard based on trading volume, profit rates, and KEY, as well as the domestic virtual human index
My: You can find out your KEY and Alt DNA balance, as well as the Alts that you are interested in