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Know-Yourself (K-Y)

What is Know-Yourself?

Prove individual's personal value at on-chain and create economic opportunities and connections beyond traditional web 2.0 social service

Know-Yourself Features

Anyone can issue personal NFTs to brand and validate their worth at on-chain
Authenticate with your personal profile and take ownership of your creations by making them NFTs as well
Through recommendation, curation, and commnity, build your own fandom

Know-Yourself Key Functions

NFT Profile: After issuing personal NFTs, transactions can be made through the self-operated DEX
Personal Value: Express personal value as a social index and provide real-time charts and visualization data
Social & Community: Timeline function for personal activities and issuance of Creative NFTs for creations
NFTFi: Various forms of NFT transactions and functions for collateralized loans, rentals, and sponsorship