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Eugene Joo / President, CEO

Eugene Joo, President

24 years of work experience
General Business Executive
Mesh Korea (VROONG) CDO
SM Entertainment CTO/CISO
Master’s degree in Information Security Engineering, Dongguk University

Who is?

Started as a frontend developer at SI company and built most of the career in enterprise-tech field. Worked as CTO and CISO at SM Entertainment for about 17 years, overseeing the overall future technology strategy and development, including AI, Blockchain, and Metaverse, in the entertainment industry.
For over a year before starting own business, experienced in startups while working as a CDO at Mesh Korea (Boorung), an IT-based comprehensive logistics and distribution company. There he led digital transformation initiatives focused on blockchain and metaverse-related businesses.
Majored in philosophy and for graduate school, earned Master's degree in engineering with a specialization in information security.
Also serve as a consultant and evaluators in culture and technology fields, and currently serve as an external director and technology consultant for the platform album company, Nemoz Lab.
As a first-generation Bitcoin miner and contributor, entered the world of blockchain through Bitcoin in 2011, and have since experienced the general history and issues of the crypto scene.
Pursuing the philosophy of Entertain Transformation, currently working to popularize personal value indicators and NFTs by founding a Web3 Culture Company called bitBLUE.


Everything about Blockchain, Web3, AI, Metaverse, Security, Philosophy, Entertainment Company, Game, Dokdo
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